Obscurium released
We just released what could be the craziest synthesizer you ever tried. Generative pitch engine, sound morphing, innovative tools for mass manipulation. From stumbling rhythms to adventurous space travels, in Obscurium we extract beauty from the power of of chaos. And yes, we included VST plugin hosting with automation assignments, ready to squeeze unbelievable performances out of your existing range of sound generators.

Looperator released
Looperator is the ultimate audio slicing, processing and mangling system for all styles of electronic music. Its quick, intuitive interface makes everything from subtle rhythmic enhancements to spectacular audio pyrotechnics easy and fun to achieve.
Enter The FX Matrix!

Egoist iPad Edition released
Egoist is now available for the iPad! Enjoy beat making in a ultra mobile way. Screw up your music library and turn any sound file into monstrous beats and tricky breaks. Explore the fun of using Egoist in every situation imaginable. Egoist iPad offers the full functionality of the desktop version and is compatible to Audiobus 2 and Inter-App Audio. Egoist iPad is now available on the app store.

Effectrix iPad Edition released
Effectrix, the industry standard for audio manipulation is now available for the iPad. Here Effectrix shows off itīs incredible usability. Just grab and draw Effects for immediate results. All common interfaces such as Inter App Audio or Audio Bus are supported. Effectrix works in Auria and also will import songs from your iTunes library. Now available on the App Store.

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14.07. Obscurium released
08.12. Looperator released
20.11. Egoist iPad released
26.06. Egoist released

Artist Feedback
"Cyclop rules at least 4 tracks on our new album!"