Robotronic 64bit / Standalone Update

Robotronic is now available as version 1.3 and supports all 64systems. In addition to that, Robotronic now comes as a standalone application that turns your computer into a vocoder effect. Use it anywhere you want without the need of a VST/AU/RTAS compatible sequencer. The standalone also provides some useful features like the audio player and recorder. With the new "Check for Updates" function all Sugar Bytes Products are up to date with just one click.

Robotronic Vocoder

Robotronic is a superb sounding and easy to use vocoder which can process mono and stereo input signals, includes sampler and synthesizer and contains quite useful features like the Frequency Focussing and Formantshifting.

Robotronic is quite versatile:
Mono signals can be vocoded with each other
An intgrated Sampler can be used as modulator
An internal synthesizer can be used as carrier for mono and stereo inputs and sampleplayer
The Vododer features Frequency Focussing, Formant Shiftig and Transient Response Control

Both audio inputs have a complete channelstrip with Gate, Compressor and gain stage. Speech response is simply incredible! The sound is so damn crisp and clear, it’s just insane!
On the outputs you will enjoy 3 Band EQ, Compressor and a multi effects unit with four lovely signal-pimpers. This is the vocoding sound you have always dreamt of! So make your dream come true and do the Robotronic.


Robotronic Home
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Demo Version

Robotronic Full Version
Price: 79€ / 99$

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MacOSX 10.4.0 and higher, 1Ghz, 128 Mb Ram
Windows XP and higher, 1Ghz, 128 Mb Ram

Plugin Interfaces:
Mac PPC, Intel: VST / AU / RTAS